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Mr. Float "windowlizes" all features. Via float technology, you can conduct several jobs at the same time and have unprecedented Android experience.


Mr. Float floats over the common Apps without interrupting their operation. Convenient and instinct design provides a quick and effective solution.


Mr. Float makes good use of one finger, two fingers, and three fingers to conduct Click, Zoom in/Zoom out, and Drag and Drop, so that you may enjoy a trip over the windows.


Mr. Float supports a wide variety of devices, including tablets, cell phones, and those with various sizes and systems from Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) to Android 4.4 (KITKAT).


In Mr. Float, each window floating on common Apps can work independently and parallelly, bringing your Android to the full play.

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By downloading the Free Version(free), you can use it without the limit of time. However, the functions of the Free Version(free) are restricted, and there are advertisements. You can upgrade (By In-App Purchase) anytime so as to use all functions.

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